Prof.Dr.Linfah Kupipat Director of Project Free Trade Zone announce Thai good news for Thai cattle farmers by JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT CONTRACT BPR CORPORATION LIMITED PARTNERSHIP With Thanapat Imports-Export Co., Ltd. and EGW First Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Unlocked the trade by creating a unified Kokhun network.
Thailand, Laos, China
Now that the China-Lao border has been officially opened in late January this year, Chinese authorities in cooperation with the Laotian government to designate FMD (mouth-and-mouth disease-free zone), many view that live cattle will soon be allowed into China.

At the end of January, the Chinese Customs Service announced that the city of Singh, Luang Nam Ta Subdistrict, Lao PDR, bordering Xueppanna, Yunnan Province, China, and Laos had designated three

areas: FMD-free. The animal shelter will be built in the inner area with a radius of 3 km around the disease-free zone.It’s a controlled area, and a radius of 47 kilometers around, and the controlled area is the area that feeds the Kokhun, which is the green area. There will be an animal immunity check before placing the cow in an epidemic-free quarantine facility and holding the cow for about 30 days before entering the border of China via the Mengman border. After crossing the border, there will be another 7 days of quarantine in China before being sent to slaughterhouse.


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